Monday, 27 February 2012

Brotherhood - Castle

This brotherhood is going to be crucial in the rebellion. There ranking system is as follows:

The ranking system is akin to that of the army. It is extremely organised and you must obey your superiors. One can however challenge a leaders decision at a latter date. If you challenge a leader about a decision you both take part in a trial. There are three sections to the trials. A fight, A hearing (jury decides who was right) and a test of your strategical abilities ( a game of chess). If you win a dispute against someone higher up in the command chain you can take there place in the command chain. the ranking system is as follows:
Zainter (Zainters can be elected into the minor council)
the Zainter's then elect an
Obdoch (commander in chief)

The castle brotherhood can channel magic into inanimate objects to increase their strength. They reside in a large castle which control a valuable trade route . In times of peace the castle brotherhood oversee the guarding    of the realm. They are the peacekeepers and the judges. The brotherhood itself is in control of the minor and major councils troops.

Paul Meagher

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hi All,

Today I am going to be discussing one of my main characters. His name is Fabern Idai. He will eventually join the castle brotherhood. He is smart, but very quiet he does not speak much and he is gay.
Another central character Eura Buraugh falls in love with fabern not realiseing he is gay. He pretends to be harsh and have no interest in her to try to cover up the fact he is gay. This hurts Eura deeply and she never falls in love again.

Fabern is a strategist. As the plot develops he becomes in charge of the rebels forces. He plays a central role and he will help me develop the themes of sexuality and destiny.

Faberns background: Fabern originates from a middle class trading family. He was tested when the travelling sith (person from freelancing brotherhood who tests for magic in people who have come of age – 16) tested him and found the ability in him. When one joins a brotherhood all past relationships and families etc. are all cut. Fabern gets on very well in the castle and as he is such a good strategist (very good at chess … unbeatable) he leads the castle brotherhoods armies against rebels, outlaws etc. He advances through the ranks very quickly until he is at sertain rank (one below those who attend minor council). He proves a threat to existing people in power and so he does not advance any further. This causes a tight faction within the castle that support Fabern and are loyal to Fabern and this faction grows. Eventually when the time comes he will advance to become Obdoch (Commander in Chief).

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Paul Meagher 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mechanics of The World

Hi All,

In this post I am going to talk about the mechanics of the world. The first issue I am going to deal with is how the magic works.

My idea for the magic is that every living thing interacts with its environment. In other words every single living thing has countless “relationships” e.g. competition, predator – prey, interdependence etc. These relationships go all the way up to great political relationships and great decisions being made that will affect all living things.
Every living thing is connected to this web of relationships. One who is capable to do magic can draw energy from this web.

The different brotherhoods teach magic in different ways. The castle brotherhood is all about strategy. The Buddhist’s are all about attaining a higher state of being where one is “absorbed” into the web. The forest brotherhood is all about being “at one” with nature. And so on.

The cave brotherhood has a special ability. They can construct objects which can channel this energy to do a specific task such as teleport the user to a different place in the web. I have decided to name these objects as “fons”.

The magic’s energy comes from the web but magic itself is split up into the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and spirit.

Magic can be stored in objects called “cons” the capacity of these cons vary as to the object it is e.g. wood can only hold a tiny amount of object whereas gems can hold vast amounts of energy.

Each element has a gem at which it is attuned to.
Fire: Ruby
Water: Sapphire
Spirit: Jade
Earth: Emerald
Air: Diamond

Each Brotherhood has an affinity to two elements
Waterfall: Water and Spirit
Cave: Earth and Fire
Castle: Fire and Air
Freelancers: All
Forest: Earth and Air
City: Spirit and Fire
 Dedicated (Buddhists): Spirit and Water

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Hello World

Hello World,
My name is Paul Meagher and I intend to write a book! A fantasy book. As you can see the list on my blog I am an avid reader of fantasy books. Sometimes when I'm reading a book I start to focus on what the author is actually writing. Most of the time I pass over these little bits of extra information. But if these "bits" are missing the story becomes much less "substantial". Thus recently I have begun to notice the skill and imagination required to write a good book.

Having said all that sometimes when I'm reading books I see plot holes and I find the author has made it too obvious what is too come. In other word I very ambitiously believe that I can do a better job. I realize how unlikely it is that I would be able to write a better book as I am but a 18 year old student. In any case I intend to take a stab at it.

So I opened up this amazing free application which is an extremely useful brainstorming application which helped me order my thoughts. I began to think of what I like in books. The biggest "thing" I love in fantasy books was the "Epic" sense. The bigger then life magical and out of life description. E.g. elves living in trees. Perfectly in tune with nature etc. <<< that idea

So I decided I wanted as many opportunities to portray this "sense" as possible. I then came up with the idea of "brotherhoods" ( I need another name for this concept as females will be involved so comments are welcome. I want it to be a fantasy name with no meaning in English language). There will be 5-8 of these brotherhoods. Each brotherhood will have there own "HQ" and a city will have grown around it. One will be high up in the mountains and will be loosely based on Buddhist's. The second will be based in caves. The Third in a forest (based on elves). the forth in a castle. the fifth in a city (ninjas / free runners) and the "lost ones" those who roam the countryside and live their own life. to enter a brotherhood one must be able to do magic. ( the technicalities will come in next blog). There will be as many main characters as there is brotherhoods. Each one will join a separate brotherhood and in their own unique way rise to power. Each brotherhood will have their own ranking system and 5 members from each brotherhood join together to make up the major council which rules the land. One member from each brotherhood will join to form the major council. Ultimately my 5-8 main character's will then be elected to the major council and will have to join forces to battle against a very evil invading force.

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Paul Meagher